One of my favorite food to eat is sushi. My daughter and I tend to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Piranhas Sushi almost once a week. Out of all the times I been to sushi, I never really ate raw sushi (Nigiri) type of fish. I always was grossed out to eat just a piece of raw flesh of fish, but I decided why not TRY to see what it would taste like because I see so many people around me order it and gobble it down. I went for just 2 pieces of raw tuna and when it came out it was dark pink and flesh looking. 

My verdict: It was chewy, weird and didn't have that much flavor. I think maybe if I tried another kind of fish it would of been better, but raw tuna definitely isn't my thing. I don't mind if it was mixed in with the roll, but to have to all by itself – I'm not a fan. I will be sticking to what I know when it comes to sushi. The Wasabi Crusted Salmon Roll is a must if you ever go to Piranhas.