Today marks the official countdown of 35 days until I turn 35 years old. As I was reflecting on my life, I noticed that I haven’t try a lot of “new things” whether it’s because I don’t have time to or been afraid to. But I am kind of scared to turn 35 because I feel like I’ve missed out on some basic experiences in my life.

So I am running this experiment – to try something new and different everyday for the next 35 days until I turn 35 for #myeverydaylifestyle. It can be big things to small things, but I want to say at least I have tried something “new", rather than just living my typical day-to-day routine. I can’t wait to see what “new things” I try to do and what things I stumble across to try. If you have any cool ideas, big or small, please let me know and it might be something I try and blog about. Let the countdown begin! –xo Mel

With my crazy obsession addiction for coffee (3-4 cups a day), I’ve never tried “Iced Coffee”. Can you believe it? Never, ever, EVER. So today I decided to try my typical Starbucks hot coffee order, Skinny Vanilla Latte…with ICE. It definitely sounded like a great option considering it’s still 95 in Dallas and the first day of Fall.

My verdict: I probably will stick to hot coffee. There’s something about iced coffee that tastes funny and weird. Don’t get me wrong, I love Frappuccinos from Starbucks, but iced coffee isn’t my thing…and that’s okay. Cheers to my repeated cups of hot coffee daily!