Weekend #35Before35

I been wanting to experience the new Stereo Live Dallas venue for awhile now, but haven't had an opportunity to go. This venue just opened a few months back and already drawing in some good performances since than. This past weekend I finally was able to get out with my sorority sister who convince me to go see Gareth Emery DJ at Stereo Live. I was finally happy to dance the night away with my soror and listen to some good EDM music and his set was amazing!

My verdict: This place even though I thought it was more closer to downtown Dallas, is a great place to see live music. The sound was great and the VIP was eye level to the DJ booth. I would recommend purchasing VIP level, since you would be looking way up for general admission. The bartenders were really nice and there was enough space to dance and have fun versus it being so packed and hot. The downsides are that there is only one bathroom stall upstairs, so you can imagine the line for the ladies restroom and you have to pay for parking. Boo! But I definitely will be going back to see another DJ at this venue. I had fun listening to my music.   

This was something I definitely been wanting to do forever and was so excited I finally had a chance to overcome my fear of actually doing it. A group of friends of mines finally planned for all of us to go and try it out this past weekend at White Rock Lake in Dallas. I will say I was so nervous to get on the board, thinking automatically I would tip over or loose my balance. Plus, my fear of what lurks beneath in the dark water doesn't help either. We had the guy demonstrate it to us twice before we all got into the water. We started out paddle boarding with our knees first, I had to get use to switching the paddle on both sides and learning how to steer in the choppy water. Of course we would go on a day the water was wavy. It was hard at first, but I finally felt brave enough to stand up and got use to keeping my balance. The stirring was a little tricky, but I was able to figure it out eventually and pretty much stood up the whole time. 

My Verdict: I think I found a past time I actually like. It felt "zen" being out in the water learning how to keep your balance while just enjoying the quietness of the water. I am glad my friends pushed me to do it, even though one of them did fall in the water. She took one for the team. Thanks Melissa! I had fun trying out this experience for the first time. I will definitely be paddle boarding in the near future.