Movie Review: Deadpool 2: 10 Reasons Why It’s a Must See


No spoilers here, so go ahead and read on.

I was able to catch an advance screening of Deadpool 2 last week and finally, the embargo has been lifted! So on that note, here are my Top 10 Reasons to go ahead, grab some friends, loosen up, and laugh at Deadpool's craziness this weekend.

1. This movie will make you laugh, even when you don't want to. Deadpool 2 has as much heart as the original, and the humor is more consistent. I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean it is pretty darn funny. 

2. Ryan Reynolds. I’m happy to say that Reynolds serves up more of what made his Wade Wilson so instantly iconic on the big screen in Deadpool 2, only this time he’s got more of everything: more characters, more charm, more plots, more jokes, and more blood scenes. 

3.  XForce (Deadpool’s mini team). Their first mission is two of the funniest scenes in the film and please keep an eye out for a don’t-blink showstopper of a cameo.

4. The fight scenes. Deadpool 2 ups the ante just like the action from the John Wick movie. As mention before you are in for a treat of fight scenes. So if you are grossed out by blood fights, this might not be the film for you.

5. Josh Brolin delivers. It may indeed be unsettling to hear Thanos’ voice coming out of Cable’s mouth so soon, but Brolin definitely does an excellent job being the Terminator-like Cable.

6. Domino. Whose superpower is “luck”. You know me and my feminism. She kicks ass in this film. She may only appear for a short time in this film, but her fight scenes were definitely some of my favorite moments in this movie.

7. The clever lines. Ok, I know I can’t give spoilers away, but seriously the writing of this film was able to put more meat on the bones in the second film, … some of the lines that come out of Deadpool's mouth catches you off guard. Be sure to listen up. 

8. The beginning credits. Is pure genius. Be sure to read the credits. Thank me later. 

9. X-Men. It’s always good to see some of our favorite characters from X-Men, including my favorite Logan "Wolverine." Be sure to pay close attention when Deadpool is at Xavier Institute. 

10. Awareness. Deadpool 2 is exactly the movie you want. It’s loaded up on reference humor, this time expanding to superhero movies including the DC Universe and Marvel. It definitely has references to the popular trends in fan culture.

BONUS: One last thing: please stay through the end credits; Deadpool has a few things to tidy up before you leave. I’m a nerd for superhero movies and there are lots of jokes about superhero movies in this film. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Let me know what you think if you see the movie! - xo Mel