In a world that's increasingly fast-paced and virtual, people are discovering the meditative calm and visual pleasure offered by the new generation of coloring books for adults. "Adult coloring is absolutely a growing trend and consumers are really taking to the idea," notes publisher Matthew Lore on CNN. I purchased the “Secret New York” coloring book by Zoé De La Cases over a year ago and it’s been sitting in my desk drawer blank, just waiting for me to start coloring in it, but I’ve never managed to find the time.

I fell in love with the fun, hand drawn illustrations inside that pretty much illustrate New Yorkers perfectly. Made me feel back home. Hot dog carts, fashion, buildings, and the Statue of Liberty even make an appearance in this book. It was honestly difficult to even decide which page to start on, there are so many cute designs. 

 My Verdict: Whether you live in New York, enjoy visiting, or have never been there and want to see the sights in coloring book form, this is a great book to pick up! Glad I decided to finally color it in. When I felt like there was no time in the world, it felt great to relax and color before bedtime. I will continue to take some time out to listen to my Bon Iver music while enjoying feeling like I’m a kid again. Yeah, I’ll be coloring my heart out. Very Zen!

National Coffee Day #35before35

Today was National Coffee Daya perfect day to try out Kindred Coffee, located in North Richland Hills, that I’d been wanting to try. If you're looking for a loft-like ambiance, with 20 exposed ceilings, surrounded by clear glass windows and cowhide leather couches, Kindred Coffee is THE chic spot to try. I love the atmosphere and hipster vibe. The cafe offers delicious salads and wraps for lunch or dinner. The tea and coffee variety is excellent. They also provide plenty of work/meeting space and phone/computer plugs. The seats are comfortable and the coffee is very good, smooth and rich. I ordered the Hazelnut Latte and I will say it has been one of my favorite coffees that I’ve tasted in Dallas so far. I love trying out different niche coffee shops, and others have been good so far, but Kindred Coffee has taken the top spot. 

My Verdict: I know it’s a out there, but if you’re ever in the North Richland Hills area in Dallas, Kindred Coffee is a must-go-to spot. They also have live music from time to time and the atmosphere is very cozy. You can really get a lot of work done; the open windows bring a lot of natural light in and there are a lot of food & coffee options to choose from. I will definitely be getting another cup of jo from here again. 


If you want to eat real food that happens to be healthy and you're not in the mood to cook, then you should give Snap Kitchen a try. The food is tasty and creative. Portions are generous and they even offer many in "small, medium and large" options to suit any appetite. I finally was able to stop by after my HIIT class and picked up dinner that I could pop into the microwave and eat in less than 5 minutes. I got the medium salmon, rice and green beans selection, which comes with hard boiled eggs, and also shrimp cocktail for my daughter and a bag of bean chips.

Prices are a tad high but maybe not when you consider the quality of ingredients used. It ends up being about the same as if you were to buy a fast food meal - $8-12 a meal - and most are on the lower end of the range.

My verdict: If you want a healthy option in a SNAP (pun intended) than I would recommended Snap Kitchen. We sometimes get lazy or busy and then grab something bad after a long day of work or after a workout. Snap Kitchen lets us grab something good.