'Finding Dory' Swims Her Way to the Top

What would Dory do? – She would drop a movie that brought in an estimated $136.2 million dollars at the box office and rated 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and that's what she done. It's the biggest opening for any animated film in box office history, nearly doubling it's first film 'Finding Nemo' in 2003. In movie time, Finding Dory takes place just one year after the original Pixar classic. In real time it’s 14 years later and CGI has improved a lot. Finding Dory looks sharper, with so much more going on compared to the original. The virtual camera swoops past so many fish it’s a wonderful sight. Baby Dory couldn't have been any cuter with her big eyes and her tiny voice telling everyone she has short term memory loss. This is a great story that target the fact that even with a disability you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Dory was on a mission to finding her parents and didn't stop searching even when she got scared. Ellen DeGeneres, the voice behind Dory did an amazing job. 

I’ve not seen a kids’ movie that is so overtly positive towards disabled characters as Finding Dory is and I love it. All the new characters inside the marine rescue centre (based on Vancouver Aquarium) have some form of disability. But that didn't stop them for using their other gifts that are given to them to help each other and save the day. One life lesson that Dory taught me after watching this movie was to get outside the box even though it's safe right now, you never know what the world has in store for you if you don't get out and go after what you want. I will start saying, "WWDD".  

Baby Dory was super cute. 

Baby Dory was super cute. 

On a side note: The short film, Piper before the movie is 'oh so cute' and entertaining. Following a baby sandpiper – the graphics and storyline was cute and funny, one of the best Pixar shorts for quite some time. If you’re an animation fan like me then it’s worth the price of admission just to see this short on the big screen.   

All in all, 'Finding Dory' is a winning film in my book. From the CGI, storyline, comic reliefs, the old and new characters, and not letting disability hold anyone back – this film rocked the box office for a reason. To me it's a must-see with or without the little ones. I mean what would Dory do?

Have a great Monday! - xo Mel