Candytopia Dallas


Did someone say rooms full of candy?! A new pop up art exhibit called Candytopia, the candy-themed interactive pop-up playground is in town, and today they are officially open the doors to everyone. I had an opportunity to go to their press preview yesterday, and my inner kid came out. Explore the sprawling sanctuary of confectionary bliss, with ten carefully curated and crafted rooms and environments. Be showered in confetti by candy-coated unicorn pigs, or swim in a pool of 300,000 marshmallows! Discover the sweets of Candytopia with nine samples of candy items throughout the experience including chocolate truffles and bags of gummi bears. There are lots of photo opportunities throughout Candytopia. Seriously felt like I was in Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. My favorite rooms, of course, were the confetti room and Marshmallow pit! Be sure to check out this experience. Get your tickets here.

Pro tip: Download the Candytopia app before arriving. As you move throughout the exhibit, you will get an alert on your phone telling you you’re near one of the “selfie stations,” where, after you scan your phone, a photo will be taken of you and sent directly to your social media accounts. (Candytopia staff are also on hand to snap pics.)


Check out more in the gallery below or head over to my instagram Stories for my behind the scenes.