The Statler


Last Thursday, I channeled my inner Audrey Hepburn/Megan Draper at The Statler’s Mad Men Grand Opening celebration. It was such an amazing, and fun event with great friends. Taylor @apealkindofgirl and I were excited to dress up for our 1960’s version of Mad Men attire. You do not ever have to tell me twice to dress up for an event. It is one of my favorite things to do. Plaid was a popular print from the 60s, and I found some really cute plaid pants from Banana Republic perfect for the occasion. With the opening of several new bars and restaurants, the Statler Hotel in downtown Dallas is hoping to be dining and drinking destination locals as well as visitors. And I already know it will be. Originally opened in 1957, the Statler is steeped in history and is beautifully designed.  The hotel re-opened showing off its new venues Bourbon and Banter (a speakeasy), Overeasy (a diner), Waterproof (a rooftop pool bar), and Scout (a sports bar/restaurant). 

We adored the channeling our Don Draper from 1960s, New York-inspired affair, and I was so relaxed when the band covered songs by one of my favorite artists of all time - Frank Sinatra. From the singer, band, drinks, and beautiful ballroom dancers, I was able to indulge in the beautiful atmosphere. We also went downstairs to Bourbon and Banter, a cute hidden spot that you have to dial a certain number in the telephone booth for a hidden door to open. I absolutely love that type of vibe. It brought me back to my New York lounges and it felt cozy and secretive. If you haven't yet, swing by The Statler in Dallas for a fun atmosphere. You won't be disappointed. I will definitely be coming back. Have a great week! -xo Mel

Photo Credit: @apearlkindofgirl