Between the nonstop rain in Dallas, pitches for work, Mariah’s band activities; casual seems to be my vibe lately. If I am not in jeans and some sort of black top than I am usually in sweats. It’s literally becoming #myeverydaylifestyle uniform. Ha!

There is nothing easier and more put together than jeans and a black top. I have this entire section in my closet that is filled with black tops. I recently became a fan of J.Crew, and for a nerd reason. I had purchased a gift for someone last holiday season and the email I got back hooked me. It had such a cute personalized message that I couldn’t resist but to fall in love with their creative. And Boom! ... they got a loyal customer. I recently found my new favorite fit, J.Crew's Vintage Straight Blue Jeans and I love everything about it. From the high-waist to the straight cropped leg, the multiple buttons to the artful vintage-inspired distressing, these jeans help shape my body perfect. They also have my other favorite wear – bodysuits. From all sorts of styles and colors, you can find one that fits your taste.

To me, this casual outfit is the easiest thing to put on and great to wear when you are out all day. I love having go-to casual outfit combinations that I can just throw on! What's your favorite casual wear?

Photo Credit: My daughter Mariah