2017 San Diego Comic-Con Recap

Well, another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and it was, as usual, an incredibly eventful. From a new look at the Justice League movie to trailers and interviews from every TV show you can possibly imagine, not to mention plenty of killer cosplay long the way, we probably still didn’t see half the things and experiences. It is such a massive event booth indoors and outdoors.  Nothing can top last year’s event when I won DC Comics Suicide Squad Up Cosplay Contest as Katana and met ten incredible people who are now my squad family, but this year my daughter and I had the opportunity to finally soak in the Convention Center floors filled with over 130,000 humans, artwork, comic books, creative cosplayers, and experiences. I was able to attend a live Conan O'Brien show held at the Spreckels Theater in downtown San Diego. It was the day the show hosted the Game of Thrones cast and it was amazing to see the behind the scenes on how the show all comes together. We also had the opportunity to walk outside more and got to see the massive people prancing around San Diego’s Gaslamp in their cosplay and just dancing in the streets. The restaurants in the area also joined in the fun, switching out their normal uniforms and cosplaying as their favorite characters, plus all their menu items were all comically related just for the weekend which was perfect - my hulk tacos were so good. I will soon have my first ever video recapping everything that happened that weekend for us. Stay tune.

Pros: This is becoming my daughter and I yearly vacation. To be able to take her and experience a fun-filled 4-day event that is so hard to get tickets to – make both of us nerds excited. I love to see the floors just filled with so many people who are passionate about the comic/movie world. The fandom for comics is crazy. I also got to squad up with some of my Suicide Squad members and that was awesome. It’s crazy how it feels like we know each other for more years than just meeting a year ago. DC Comics, thank you for putting the best squad-ever together!

Cons: Because of the massive number of people who travel to San Diego just for that weekend, when we arrived that Thursday, our hotel was overbooked even though we had reservations for like three months in advance. They took care of us though and gave us a great deal and we finally got to stay in one of favorite yet expensive area – Hotel Del Coronado. The cast of Walking Dead also stayed in our hotel. We would just walk out our hotel door and the beach was right there. It is definitely one of our favorite spots because it is so peaceful. It was just the inconvenience of unerring back and forth, not being able to change as often as I would of like since the other hotel would have been in walking distance from the convention center. Another con would be that there were lines to get into anything, and the lines were blocks and blocks long. From waiting for Conan O'Brien tickets to trying to get into experiences, you just have to have that mentality you will be waiting for a long time. A really long time

Overall, we still love San Diego Comic-Con. The people, food, beaches, the atmosphere is one-of-a-kind. I want to give a special shout out to ‘Slipknot’ Robert and his family for being such a great host and for showing us the ropes. We appreciate you guys and thanks for educating me on the ‘POP’ crazy lifestyle. Who would have known people go crazy over those POP toys? I even know someone who bought a $450 POP toy. How crazy is that!  Sandra - Thank you so much for taking the time to braid my hair for my ‘Wonder Woman’ cosplay. It turned out so good! Alvin and Tina (two of the nicest people I got to meet) - Thank you so much for hosting my daughter and me in your place on the last day, we got to experience a new area ‘Ocean Beach’ San Diego and it gave us the opportunity to relax before headed back home. 

San Diego Comic-Con came and went way too fast! WAY. TOO. FAST! What makes it even worse, is now I’m back at my day job. What’s that about?

Check out more photos in the gallery below. Enjoy! -xo Mel