Batgirl Sweater


A big cozy sweater for the cold weather has been on major repeat lately. I promise if you were to see me on a daily basis you would notice that I have been constantly just wearing the same jeans and over the knee boots but I just keep swapping out my sweaters. It’s an easy, no-brainer look that is just on repeat for me lately!

I went to the NorthPark mall the other day with @apearlkindofgirl to find one item and left with several. It never fails, retail therapy is the best. Maybe not for your wallet. As I was walking out of H&M, Kaboom! this gorgeous fine-knit Batgirl sweater was waiting for me. How amazing is this find! I love the colors, even though I am not much of a pink girl, but this can definitely be on repeat into February timeframe. The image has more of a velvet touch, so it won't fade or tear apart. Plus, this Batgirl sweater is currently on sale. Snatch one for your favorite geek girl this holiday season. 

The combination of this pink Batgirl sweater, blue jeans, and ankle boots is one that will never fail you. Regardless if you are meeting a friend for lunch, running errands, going to dinner, or saving the day, a cozy sweater and ankle boots always work.

Photo Credit: Jeff Zepeda