If you want to eat real food that happens to be healthy and you're not in the mood to cook, then you should give Snap Kitchen a try. The food is tasty and creative. Portions are generous and they even offer many in "small, medium and large" options to suit any appetite. I finally was able to stop by after my HIIT class and picked up dinner that I could pop into the microwave and eat in less than 5 minutes. I got the medium salmon, rice and green beans selection, which comes with hard boiled eggs, and also shrimp cocktail for my daughter and a bag of bean chips.

Prices are a tad high but maybe not when you consider the quality of ingredients used. It ends up being about the same as if you were to buy a fast food meal - $8-12 a meal - and most are on the lower end of the range.

My verdict: If you want a healthy option in a SNAP (pun intended) than I would recommended Snap Kitchen. We sometimes get lazy or busy and then grab something bad after a long day of work or after a workout. Snap Kitchen lets us grab something good.