It was my first time to Rudy's, and the menu and ordering was a little daunting. When I walked up to the counter, the guy taking orders greeted me and asked if it was my first time. I nervously said yes. He then offered samples of everything, announced to his co-workers behind the counter that he had some newbies who all then greeted us loudly! It was equally embarrassing and amazing, like when they announce it's your birthday and sing in the middle of a restaurant. The staff was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the food, and they never tried to rush me despite the constant stream of customers coming in. I was able to sample their briskets and turkey which was so good, tender and well-seasoned.  

My motto always is: I can find good food anywhere, but good service is what will bring me back in. After having such great service, I know I will be back.

My verdict: The food was incredible. I ordered the pork ribs and loved it! The meat was tender, fresh, hot, and delicious. Along with their BBQ sauce, which is very good and has a spiciness to it, I also ordered small sides of buttered corn and their beans: also good and unique. I will be back for sure, and will gladly take any visitors from out-of-town to Rudy's for their Texas BBQ experience.



Decided to try out this new ramen joint – a small family-feel place in Richardson - for my friend’s birthday lunch. I usually order Chicken Katsu at other Ramen places when I go eat with my co-workers but this time I decided to actually try the ramen soup dish. They had cool chalkboard art on the walls and I loved their DIY chopstick wall décor.

My verdict: They're short on staff ... loooong wait, and long wait on food. Side dishes a bit pricey. Ramen doesn't come with egg. Meat too thin -1 star, but all that can be easily fixed.I ordered the Tonkatsu ramen, the basic dish they have, and added some spices to it. Their broth is very full-bodied, intense, rich and oily and having all the ingredients in one bowl tasted a little different to me. Also the noodle dishes start around $7-8 and add-ons are $1-2 extra which kind of sucked. I did add spinach in my dish which helped out the taste a little bit. All in all, it wasn’t too bad, but I just don’t think Ramen is my thing. It definitely doesn’t beat out my PHO.