I Believe In Dallas

I have been eyeballing this beautiful mural on social media for a while now, and fellow Dallas bloggers @apearkindofgirl and @camilleelenaa told me exactly where I could find it. Thank you lovely ladies for the coordinates. It honestly couldn't have been found at a more perfect timing with everything that has happened recently. It really has sadden me all the violence, hate and shooting of innocent men to the shooting of innocent police. Racism does exist and society needs to admit it. It's just a reminder of how precious life is and never take any moment for granted even the hard times.

Born and raised in NY, I was brought to Dallas through a college track scholarship almost 15 years ago and never left since. Simply because I love this city, the friendships I made and opportunities it has brought me.  I believe in Dallas. #prayfordallas #dallasstrong 

Photo Credit: Melissa King 

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