Final Four - Squad Up! DC Comics Contest

WOW! With all the overwhelming votes and support, I was voted #1 in round one of the Suicide Squad, Squad Up! Contest that DC Comics is hosting. The grand prize winner wins a round trip airfare, hotel and ticket into the biggest comic con which is held in San Diego. I know to some that seems crazy, but to fellow comic fans like myself and my daughter – this is one of greatest experiences you can attend and actually hard to get into since tickets sell out in minutes. I couldn't have thank all you guys for voting for me over and over and staying up late to help me get one step closer into winning this whole thing.

I just want to step aside and say – I do this not only because I love all things comics or love being competitive, but for my daughter – to help her understand that you can love and like whatever you want and who cares who judges you for it. If its your passion, aim for it. Be the superhero you want to be and love all the weird things you want because being "basic" is boring. And plus I just love how proud she is of me and isn't ashamed to say, "That's my mommy behind the mask". 

That being said...of course they don't make it that easy on us. There is a final round where the top four from each character has to battle for that #1 spot to fly to Comic Con. I am so close, but need your support one more time. I'm reaching out to everyone to help spread the word and continue to vote from now until July 10th 11:59pm. This time it's through their app where you need to sign in to cast your vote. The DC All Access app is dedicated to keeping you up on all of the latest from the world of DC Entertainment. Comics, movies, TV, games or products — even the Suicide Squad Up Contest! I know sometimes this can be pain, but I would appreciated all the final votes since I am so close, plus they have some fun suicide squad emojis that are decorative and playful! Below are some easy steps on how to vote on the app: 

1. Download app for either Apple Store or Google Play for FREE here. 

2. Log in through either your Facebook or through the Register Now button. 

3. Once logged in, there is a middle quick link button to get to the contest part (Joker's face).

4. Final Step and the tricky part: You have to keep scrolling all the way down and Katana cosplay voting is the last panel. Just hit the circle button and than vote button and that's it! You are done. 

Thanks again for helping me get one step closer to San Diego Comic Con and for all the amount of support. SQUAD UP! -xo Mel