DIY Marble Vase

Marble patterns is all the rage for 2016 and everyone seems to be embracing the pattern. I swear lately I've been switching over into the pattern from decorations to even my laptop cover and recently wanted to learn how to create my own marble pattern. 

Here is a cool minimal DIY Marble Vase that you can make at home and add your own pattern design to give as a Mother's Day gift or to add some subtle trendiness to your décor without going overboard.

What you need: Vase (I got this one at Target for $3)  |  Black or Gray Nail Polish  |  White Enamel Paint  |  a container for dipping that you don't mind throwing away  |  Painter's Tape  |  Paint Brush Sponge

1. Mask out the area you want to add the marble pattern. 

2. Paint area with white enamel paint. I let it dry and added another coat to make sure the entire area is covered.

3. Now for the fun part, creating your own pattern. This might take you a few tries. Add some drops of nail color into warm water and create a pattern you want. I stuck with just black, since I love black and white color combination. 

4. Now dip the white part into the water and the nail polish will latch onto the paint to create the marble pattern. I had to do this twice to make sure the whole area got covered. Let it dry completely before removing the painter's tape.  

5. Add some pop of color with fresh flowers, decorate and YOU'RE DONE!  This great minimal DIY marble vase can be given as a gift or use it to decorate around the house. Simple and easy once you nail down the nail polish technique.

Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend.  - xo Mel