Review: Batman vs. Superman

This past weekend I finally saw one of the movies that I have been waiting for – the movie premiere of Batman vs. Superman. I been wanting to see this movie from the minute I saw the previews drop and been so conflicted on which team I wanted to be on. I can't choose a side when it comes to these two. As fangirls (my daughter and I) were super stoked despite what the reviews were saying across the internet and was excited to see Wonder Woman make her appearance. After finally seeing the movie, I can say I understand where people were coming from on the blogs and the ratings it gotten on Rotten Tomatoes thus far. It didn’t suck – it was actually good, but did it meet the high expectations and anticipation we all been waiting for? I would probably say no, but despite all the bad reviews it received thus far, it ranked in nearly $172 million in it's first weekend and is now the No. 1 opening-weekend flick in history for DC Comic films. It really just proves how strong these characters are in the comic world that no one really cares what people are saying about it they just want to see these two fight each other.

Here are 5 things on the movie that i wanted to review without too much spoilers:



I think he did a great job at this role and actually looked like Batman. Some may disagree, but he held his composure as the dark and mysterious character of Batman. From seeing one of his Wayne towers crumble in front of his eyes, I got to understand why he had so much anger towards Superman. His character fears the world and Superman, something we have no seen in this character to date. I will say I was not a fan of the “RoboCop” suit though. I know he had to make it to protect himself from Superman and they did a good job mirroring to the comic books, but it made him move to slow and look kind of weak. But all in all is he the best Batman? I think Christian Bale has a run for his money. To me, Affleck did a great job. 



The actual fight between Batman and Superman was "eh mediocre" to me. It was such a big anticipation moment that I was wanting more of it. More hits, more tricks, more buildings being smashed. I wanted to see more from Superman, but the fight between the two made him look a little weak. Batman suits up and bulks up to take down Superman by using his wits to create weapons with Superman's only weakness kryptonite. Again, I was hoping for more weapons or smarts from Batman, since he is fighting the strongest man alive. 



OMG! Wonder Woman made her statement in this film. I was iffy on her character played by Gal Gadot simply because I couldn’t get passed her being on Fast & Furious, but she definitely proved me wrong. From her glowing sword to shield to her outfit and her lasso, she came out swinging and hanging with the best of them. I can not wait until she has her own movie – set to make it to the big screens November 2017. My daughter is absolutely in love with her. She is a great representation of feminism in the world. And did I say her outfit was pretty bad ass?! 



This movie gives hints to the Justice League team (which comes out next year), but I think it was slightly rushed and jumbled. This movie was suppose to set the tone of the entire DC comic world, but there was a lot happening so many plots, dreams, that it just seem random in the middle of the movie that you see some of the Justice league team through surveillance cameras that Lex Luthor has been keeping tabs on. The Flash even makes a cameo, coming to Batman in his dream telling him about Lois Lane. Nonetheless, this movie does make the upcoming films Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Justice League look better than one.



The movie drops several hints about a villain to come. Darkseid is a hyper-powerful bad guy: think the strength of Doomsday but with a brain. He can shoot Omega beams (powerful energy beams) from his hands and eyes and resurrect the dead. He’s a dictator of the Planet Apokolips (sounds lovely), and one of the main adversaries of the Justice League (Time Magazine). The Greek letter Omega, representing Darkseid, appears in Batman’s dream. And those flying dudes that attack Batman? Those are the minions Darkseid uses to carry out his evil deeds. And at the end of the film, when Lex Luthor says, “He’s coming. The bell has been rung.” He’s almost certainly referring to Darkseid.


In conclusion, despite what the reviews say, how can you miss one of the most epic battles in comic world history. These two characters are too big to not want to see and the introduction to the Justice League team and even Wonder Woman making her debut appearance is a must-see. I'm sure it will continue to gross even after the opening weekend, it's Batman vs. Superman! I give it 3.5 out 5 stars. If you seen it, let me know your thoughts on whether the movie lived up to it's hype? Have a Happy Monday! -xo Mel