35 Things I Learned At 35

Today is my birthday…I’m officially 35 years old! EEK! I’m honestly a little nervous to hit this milestone! There are so many things that been such blessings, pains, smiles and growing up in my life, and I learned so so so much. That’s why I want to share the 35 best things I’ve learned before turning 35 today on My Everyday Lifestyle!

1. My daughter is my world. I was a young mother at age 23 and scared that I couldn’t take care of another human being besides myself, especially living from pay check to pay check. But I know God brought her into my life for a reason to give me a clearer direction, and I couldn’t love her more.

2. Family is the second most important relationship to God. Regardless of the distance or status quo, you only have one family. As much as you might argue, tomorrow is never promised. So reach out and let them know that you love them, even if they don’t say it back.

3. Make the effort to keep in touch with your best friends. I learned over time only your true best friends stay by your side regardless of any given situation, and as I mentioned above, tomorrow is never promised. Reach out to them from time to time to see how they are doing. 

4. Practice patience. “Go to your happy place,” as my daughter tells me. Some things are beyond your control and you have it let them go. I’m working on this still myself!

5. Take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself first, then you can’t take care of someone else. I’m talking about anything here…physically or emotionally.

6. Find the positive in every situation. I’ve been through plenty of ups and downs in the past years, but looking back I’ve found them to be life lessons that changed me for the better.

7. Anxiety/depression does exist. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and it’s ok to not have life go as you planned in your head. Give yourself a break sometimes. I try to remind myself of this everyday.

8. Learn to love you. I was married for close to 10 years, and I didn’t realize how much I had lost myself until after we broke up. That’s actually when I started putting effort into my blog, health, and started realizing how creative I could be.

9. Communication. I don’t like conflict so I tend to be quiet during those times or turn into She-Hulk. When you communicate instead of expect things usually turn out better.

10. Do what you love. You’re the only person who can make a change in your life so you might as well do it with the passion that drives you to get out of bed every day.

11. Budget. Ughhhh this is one of those things they need to teach in college. Growing up with little to no money, budgeting is still something I am learning to do. Start saving money even if it is 20 bucks. Material things can come later.

12. Do things out of your comfort zone. I left a stable job of 7 years and went to a start-up agency not knowing if it would even survive for the first year. I have learned so much, matured, became a #girlboss and continued to elevate my skill sets. Take the leap sometimes! 

13. Treat Yo Self! Yes, I just talked about budget but if you accomplished something big in your life or just need a little something that will make you happy, it’s totally okay. I tend to treat myself to clothes, comic stuff and massages!

14. Travel. We may not all have the budget to go on extravagant vacations, but you can probably go somewhere even if it’s a staycation. But start planning to venture out of your own bubble. I can’t wait to start going to places I’ve always dreamed of. 

15. Invest. I’m not talking about finance here. Invest in something that will make you happy.

16. Time. Life is short and so is your time, so make sure you spend it on family, true friends, and things that drive your passion.

17. It’s ok to cry. I try to walk around brave all the time, but sometimes you just have to let your emotions out. And its completely okay.

18. Be vulnerable. I’m the worst at keeping my emotions and guard up. However, if you don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position how will you ever know if something good can happen?

19. Relax. You’re looking at someone who stresses themselves out wayyyy too much. But, guess what? Whatever I’m stressing about with eventually work out regardless.

20. Make the most of your friendships. I’ve learned that sometimes there are people who come into your life for a certain situation, and that’s okay. Those lifelong friends will always be around.

21. Find a hobby. Working out, reading, playing video games … just find something that helps you clear your mind. I’ve got several.

22. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This one is hard for me, because I don’t want to burden anyone else. But sometimes it’s okay to ask for assistance.

23. Be an inspiration. There are so many young kids without direction looking for role models. Set a good example for them. I love receiving emails and hearing friends say they can’t wait to see what I do next on the blog.

24. Be as geeky as you want. I cosplay and guess what … I don’t care who says, “what is she doing?” with disgust. I am doing what makes me happy and never really care what people think of me.

25. Call your grandparents as often as you can. My grandparents who raised me are starting to get old and it scares me that tomorrow anything could happen with them and they won’t be here. I just want to see them smile and be happy. So keep in contact as often as you can with yours.

26. Say I love you. To everyone you love regardless of how you think their reaction will be. It’s better said than unsaid.  

27. Age is just a number. I didn’t have that many opportunities as I do now at age 35, but that doesn’t mean just because I am older I can’t achieve the dreams I always wanted. If Vera Wang can start her clothing line at age 40 … sky’s the limit. 

28. Put the phone down. I’m attached to my phone like no other, but sometimes you need to just enjoy the moment as it is. Stop worrying about what’s happening on social media, how many followers you have, or what the Kardashians are wearing. Relax and clear your mind sometimes.

29. Let go. Of things that don’t grow you. I mean this with all my heart!

30. It’s okay to reset. As I mentioned before life doesn’t go as you always planned in your head, so its okay to reset your direction, goals, friends, etc. Do what makes you happy.

31. Trust again. Sometimes you have to let the wall down and let people in. This one I am still working on. Trust is HUGE for me.  

32. Stay unique. There are so many basic people out there. Stand out from the bunch by just being who you truly are. I do. Probably 75% of everything I own is comic-related and guess what I don’t care. I am Katana!

33. Stay Healthy. As you get older, your metabolism will start slowing down. I do have to workout often and start being conscientious of what I eat. Doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy my 2-3 slices of cheese pizza from time to time.

34. You will change. As you grow older, your views on things and life will change. The stuff you thought was so important in your life when you were younger, you realize there’s more to life than. And that’s okay, because you grow mentally as you get older.

35. Enjoy the little things. So cliché, but so true. The smallest moment means the world and it can add up. I love the little goofy moments me and my daughter have. Enjoy the moment. Life is short.

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