Sail Away

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.” - Albert Einstein

I’ve never been on a sail boat, but I’ve always wanted to. When the opportunity came up that one of my co-workers actually owns a sailboat at Scott Landing Marina in Lake Grapevine, my team and I decided to set sail into the sunset after work. Let me start off by saying, “Thank you, Asa” for being our captain and insuring our safety. It is A LOT of work to maintain a boat and prep in order to set sail. It requires your attention to even the smallest details. We all learned a lot of words that day: Bow, jib, mast, port, starboard and hardtolea. The wind was blowing 12 mph and the water was beautiful as we sailed into the sunset. I wore my stripe nautical sweater from Banana Republic, GAP jeans, and of course finished off with my Sperry topsiders made for sailing.  

My Verdict: It was an amazing feeling setting sail into the sunset, so beautiful and peaceful, and being with friends made it that much better. We practically had Lake Grapevine to ourselves. It is a lot of work though, but we were all felt safe thanks to Captain Asa. You rock for taking us out on the lake! It was a beautiful and peaceful sight to see.

Photo Credit: @apearlkindofgirl