Happy New Year: Goals for 2014


Wow...waking up knowing its Jan. 1st 2014 is cray cray. Where has the year gone. With all the goal talking going around especially today, I decided to come up with a few myself and will attempt really hard to stick with them. 

1. Start a blog & continue with it 

Yay! I started this goal toward the end of 2013, now to continue is the challenge. 

2. Be "great" at the things I'm good at

I know people say that I am creative ... I just want to be better at being creative. Hard to explain, but i want to re-discover the core of who I am & inspires others.

3. Run in Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco 

I been wanting to do this half marathon for years. Its usually around my birthday time, so this year I really want travel, run & explore San Fran for my birthday. 

What are some of your NY Resolutions? These are just a few of what I am wanting to accomplish. Being happy is another huge one for me as well as continue to be the best mom I can be to my baby girl. I can probably have an endless "to-do" list. If you stick to at least one goal, You'll Be Great in 2014.