Wonder Woman Blue Dress

It’s finally here! The most anticipated movie I been waiting forever to watch - WONDER WOMAN is now in the theaters. I got a chance to watch it last night (movie review soon to follow) and everything about the new Wonder Woman movie was awesome and I would be lying if I said I couldn’t wait to see it again. Throughout the entire film I was not only entertained by the her background story and fighting skills that I heard and read as a little girl, but I also fell in love with all of the her costumes. Each piece was styled so perfectly, and of course the blue gown that Princess Diana wears at the gala was simply beautiful.

When I first saw her walk out with the blue dress and the sword tucked in her back on the previews, I knew I wanted to cosplay that part of the movie and put more of a #myeverydaylifestyle spin to it. There is something so sophisticated and boss about this Wonder Woman blue dress. Boss, because Princess Diana still looked like a strong woman in it and would wear if she were in present times, and sophisticated because it is a classic color and style that would standout at any occasion.

While I have yet to wear it to something really special, I know this dress would be perfect to wear to just about any special event. Pair it with some nude heels, gold cuff bracelets, and subtle Wonder Woman earrings – you can walk into any event feeling like Princess Diana (hello something blue!) The fit and flow of this dress is so perfect that it makes you feel like an amazon princess and is a dress that will hang in my closet forever.

Photo Credit: Jeff Zepeda