Doing it BIG at Fan Expo Dallas 2017

Fan Expo Dallas, Dallas biggest comic convention and celebration of all things pop culture, returned to the convention center downtown over this past weekend. This three-day event hosted thousands of fans, comic-book lovers, anime, artists, movie fans and amazing cosplayers. Stan Lee, Mark Hamill, and Tim Curry were among the celebrities on hand, with dozens of panels, booths, and more packed into this three-day schedule. Even Jim Lee made a special appearance on Sunday’s DC Batman panel event. My daughter and I have always been fans of Fan Expo Dallas and been coming for the past three years and it just seems to keep growing and growing each year. The event always draws a pretty huge crowd, and it can be a little overwhelming and to me it seemed this year’s ratio: fans to the actual event space – was super packed and felt like the event itself is starting to out-grow the venue. The crowd on Saturday was huge partly due to the incredible roster of talent on-hand but also partly because Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Daryl and Negan, respectively, from AMC’s The Walking Dead) had to cancel their Sunday appearance. This led to a lot of Sunday ticket holders for autograph and photo-ops coming down on Saturday to try to redeem or exchange their tickets.

Highlights for me has always been seeing all the talented artists do their thing on the spot, and all the new artwork that are on display for sale. Also, many Texas vendors were selling all the must haves merchandises that you probably do or do not, but still need in your life. I may have bought a wonder woman business card holder that I definitely needed. They also had actual tattoo artists doing tattoos on fans out in the open floor which I thought was kind of neat, but also takes a lot of trust.

And of course, I just love seeing all the wonderful and creative cosplayers every year. I decide to cosplay as Sue Storm from Marvel’s Fantastic Four this year. I always been fascinated by her (no pun intended) and not a lot of people cosplay as her, so I wanted give her some love. The cosplay community is full of amazing, kind and thoughtful people; even as I am walking around now people are starting to recognize me and my daughter from other previous cons which is cool.

Family goals. 

Family goals. 

All in all, we are and have always been fans of this Fan Expo Dallas year after year. It is still a pleasant experience and a perfect size for families and is something that fans of all ages can do without breaking the bank. Fan Expo Dallas is a shining star in the Lone Star State.

Check out some more photos from Fan Expo Dallas in the gallery below. Enjoy! -xo Mel