As funny as this sounds, I’ve never ridden on a trolley before. I always think of San Francisco when I think of trolleys, and didn’t know one even existed in Dallas. I met up with Dallas blogger @apearlkindofgirl this past weekend, and she introduced me to the McKinney Avenue Trolley. We met at the shops in West Village and rode the trolley several blocks to the turn around. It was actually a cool FREE way to get around Dallas. I felt like a tourist!

My Verdict: Hop on one of the trollies and see Dallas for FREE! This is great for visitors and natives alike. You can hop on and off at any stop. See downtown, Uptown and everything in between. Check out great restaurants, bars, clubs and the Klyde Warren Park. Stop by the Dallas Museum of Art and so many other attractions along the way. I definitely will be riding the trolley more in the near future to sight-see around Dallas. 

After all my years of running, I finally ran the entire White Rock Lake trail in Dallas, TX. It’s 9.3 miles around this beautiful lake. There’s such great scenery to look at, and there’s always many runners and bikers out as well, so you feel motivated to run the entire thing. I decided to make the drive out to Dallas, which is about 30 minutes away, and met up with my friend, Charina, who rode her bike along side me. It was a great change of running scenery for me, and I felt great after completing the whole trail.

My verdict: Even though it was a distance away from me, White Rock Lake has tons to offer. It’s located not far from downtown Dallas with 9.3 miles of biking/running trails around the lake. There are multiple playgrounds to stop and play, and kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, and plenty of benches along the path if you need a minute to rest. Great place to get outdoors and exercise.