Let The Games Begin: 2014 FIFA World Cup

The long wait is finally over, kick off is today. Who's excited to witness one of the best known sports across all nations...Fútbol, Football, Soccer! The World Cup is the pinnacle of soccer and is well respected. Here are some good insight articles I found to explain what the heck goes on in a soccer match (it's ok, I peeked at these articles as well). 10 things non-soccer fans need to know about the World Cup as well as 14 Ways to Fake 'Football' Knowledge While Watching a 'Match'.

Love this video of Beats by Dre, "The Game Before the Game". I wish though that they would of just stuck with athletes, but has great art direction. Makes you pumped for the game. Stars one of my favorite players, Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr., so you must know I was super excited.

McDonald's GOL! video below was pretty brilliant as well. Show different people with ball handling skills. 

Photo Credit: My Daughter | Shirt - Forever 21 (Men XS)

Photo Credit: My Daughter | Shirt - Forever 21 (Men XS)

So which nation are you representing to win the FIFA World Cup this year? I will be sporting Brasil, but still will be going for USA. Here is the schedule for the World Cup to help keep up with the games. 

Let the Games Begin! -xo Mel