DIY Floral Frame


Floral patterns is a huge trend for Spring this year again – as I sit patiently waiting for that steady 70 degree weather. Saw these cute paper flowers in Michaels and wanted to create a quick DIY floral frame to start transitioning my house from Winter to Spring.    

What you need: $1 Wooden frame | Paint color of choice | Paint brush | 4 Little floral packs  | Glue Gun

(All products found at Michaels) 


Love the details and colors in these paper flowers.


First paint wood frame with the color of choice. Once dry, start gluing the flowers onto the frame with glue gun. I double flowered on all four sides to cover the whole frame. Add a picture or a cute with message for the finish. And that's it! A small DIY, but yet so pretty.


Happy Spring!  - x o Mel