Movie Review: It: Chapter Two

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Clown Down, It: Chapter Two is entertaining. But don’t go in thinking the film is like the first one, it is just different. If you’ve read Stephen King’s IT, you know how Pennywise meets his end 27 years after the Losers’ Club fought him in the town of Derry, Maine. Pennywise is back in the town of Derry, and the kids who thought he was dead are back to fight him. IT: Chapter Two features the grown-up versions of the members of the Losers’ Club and packs in a lot more gore as Pennywise’s chapter finally comes to an end.

What’s IT about: 

It’s 2016, and the town of Derry is once again rocked by a series of disappearances, much like what happened 27 years ago. In his tiny hideout above the town library, Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa) reminisces about his childhood friends and the promise they made to return to Derry if Pennywise comes back. While the other members of the Losers’ Club moved out of Derry and on with their lives, Mike spent his time learning more about Pennywise’s history and the ways to end him. He gives each one of his old friends a call – Bill (James McAvoy), Ben (Jay Ryan), Bev (Jessica Chastain), Ritchie (Bill Hader), Eddie (James Ransone), and Stan (Andy Bean). All grown up, the characters we knew and loved as kids have returned to the town that most of them have entirely forgotten. Whether it was Pennywise that made them forget – or just the scars of trauma, we relieve a lot of their childhoods through flashbacks, which remind us how close they all were.

What Works:

Ritchie and Eddie! Their characters and relationship were so funny and comical, they felt like the leading roles at times. The IT series tries to play on your worst fears, be it clowns or zombies and succeeds in making you feel gross. As Pennywise returns bigger and stronger than ever, the events in the movie also get gory. Bill Skarsgård’s who plays the villainous clown terrifies you every time he’s on the screen. While he is the only actor to return to his role from the first film for It: Chapter Two’s present storyline, this film has done a great job with casting actors who are grown-up mirror reflections of the younger cast. The adult versions echoed their younger versions to the exact, and it has paid off well.

What Could’ve Been Better:

One of the best moments from IT (spoiler alert!) was the time he attacked Bev in the bathroom. It was unexpected and made us jump out of our seats. It: Chapter Two also has its fair share of jump scares but none that stand out as much. Some of those moments were too predictable, and Pennywise’s frightening set of teeth isn’t as scary as the first movie.

Why You Should Watch:

If you’ve watched IT, you have got to know how Pennywise finally meets his end. Plus overall, IT’s just entertaining! Fair warning: run time is close to three hours long. I give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.