Movie Review: Avengers Endgame: 5 Reasons it Gave Me Goosies (Spoilers Here)


“Part of the journey is the end.” - Tony Stark 

Over the past eleven years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been weaving an incredible narrative across twenty-two films. Each film tells a story and creating emotional connections with Marvel superheroes, and at the end of the credits, leading us all forward until the next masterpiece - this final masterpiece, earning $1.2 billion globally – the biggest opening in movie history! Here are five reasons why this film is EPIC.  

1. Iron Man!

While the performances are all incredible, I want to give a special shoutout to Robert Downey, Jr. He was the very first one to step into the role of an Avenger. Even in the films that were not that good, he shined. He was always the guiding light of the franchise, and in this movie, he proves just how talented he truly is. He definitely brought tears to my eyes in this film.

2. Captain America

He has always has been my favorite, and my favorite crush of all times. Sorry fellas! Always a true American Hero throughout the MCU movies, his role in the Avengers: Endgame was beyond spectacular. The battle between him and Thanos had me on edge, but when he was able to call for Thor’s hammer, as Thor says, “He is Worthy.” 

3. Women Power

As some may think when the ladies of MCU teamed up is a little cliché, I believe it was a great movement of the numerous #grlpwr that the MCU has. Who run the world? Girls!  

4. Jeremy Renner (as “Hawkeye”) and Scarlett Johansson (as “Black Widow”)

I hate the soul stone! When you think you can predict what will happen, MCU does the opposite. This is why Marvel is the best franchise in films. These two had the strongest acting performances in the movie. Each character dealt with some incredible internal anguish that is perfectly conveyed on screen. Whenever they were making a hard choice, you felt that right along with them. 

5. “Avengers Assemble.” - Captain America 

This movie had probably the most amazing epic superheroic battle scenes in movie history. The moment when Black Panther enters into the scene, I had goosebumps! Then one after another, all our favorite heroes all together on the screen at one time, was pure bliss. 

But we’re in the endgame now. I’m excited to see this movie again and again and look back at the years that led up to this compelling story. They pulled off one of the greatest triumphs, not only in for the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also for cinematic history. It is stunning, inspiring, amazing, spectacular, and truly exceptional. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Let me know your thoughts, or if you have other favorite scenes. - xo Mel 

“You can rest now.” - Pepper