Adidas x Game of Thrones


Winter is finally here! The final season of Game of Thrones debuts this Sunday, and I can not wait! I will admit I wasn’t a fan for years, and people couldn’t believe why, but after binge-watching all season in 3 weeks, I am a huge #fangirl now. How AMAZING is this show?! When you feel like you dislike a character, you end up having a soft spot for them, or people die unexpectedly. As a sneaker head, when Adidas launched their Adidas x Game Of Thrones line up, you already know I had to get them! I ended up buying the Targayens Game of Thrones Adidas Ultra Boosts sneakers. And I looooove them! They are so comfortable to walk in, and it makes me feel like Daenerys Mother of the Dragons.

Is Tyrion a secret Targaryen dragon-rider? Who will land the Iron Throne? What eyeliner brand does Euron Greyjoy use? All vitally essential questions any Game of Thrones fan might be asking before the final season premieres this weekend. There is a lot left to figure out, after all. Who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne?

Photo Credit: Jeff Zepeda