Red Floral Dress

Photo Credit: My daughter Mariah 

So let me start off by saying, I’m not really a girly girl dress type of person. I wear them on occasions, but never been a huge fan of dresses for the simple fact I love to feel comfortable all day. Sneakers and t-shirts has always been my go-to pieces,  but once you find those perfect statement dresses, it’s hard not to feel pretty in them.

I got this dress a few weeks ago (when the weather was perfect) and the moment I put the dress on I immediately thought of a thousand different places I could wear it. Lunches, cocktail parties, by the beach, and even a spring/summer wedding. As someone who is not normally drawn to a floral girly dresses, I decided to branch out this summer and give it a go. Much to my surprise, I really this style of dress. The silhouette is a classic look and feel(and very flattering on my shape), it’s even better in person and I think it looks so good in photos!

This red floral dress really is the perfect addition to my spring (and summer) wardrobe. I cannot wait to wear it to special occasions! I am also sharing a few of my other favorite red floral dress finds below. Enjoy! -xo Mel