Valentine Geek Gift Ideas


Flowers, chocolate, candy hearts, dinner in a busy restaurant are so cliché when it comes to Valentine's Day. If you’re still searching for a great Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite Geek in your life, here are 11 cools things to reach them to their heart. Enjoy! - xo Mel 

1. Nothing says 'I love you' in the mornings than this cute Death Star Waffle maker.

2. 'I am your father'. Out with the old, in with the new Star Wars Bouquet - Darth Vader

3. 11 out of 10 say this Stranger Things Valentine's Day card is perfect.

4. If you've got a love as strong as Queen Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker's,

    then celebrate it with the perfect R2-R9 Dome Bag

5. The greatest friends anyone could ever ask for, is all on this Stranger Things T-Shirt.  

6. With great power comes great responsibility - but every now and then, this Spider-Man

    Figurine is worth crushing for!

7.  Everyone knows that when your Pixel Heart Changing Mug is almost empty, you better

    refill it quickly ... with heat.

8.  Spider-man, Spider-man, holds cookies in this awesome Cookie Jar can.

9.  No other love is stronger than this Beauty and the Beast Rose Handbag.

10. Always be yourself. Unless you can be like this Lego Batman T-Shirt

11.  Dice and slice the rebels with this Death Star Wooden Cutting Board