In a world that's increasingly fast-paced and virtual, people are discovering the meditative calm and visual pleasure offered by the new generation of coloring books for adults. "Adult coloring is absolutely a growing trend and consumers are really taking to the idea," notes publisher Matthew Lore on CNN. I purchased the “Secret New York” coloring book by Zoé De La Cases over a year ago and it’s been sitting in my desk drawer blank, just waiting for me to start coloring in it, but I’ve never managed to find the time.

I fell in love with the fun, hand drawn illustrations inside that pretty much illustrate New Yorkers perfectly. Made me feel back home. Hot dog carts, fashion, buildings, and the Statue of Liberty even make an appearance in this book. It was honestly difficult to even decide which page to start on, there are so many cute designs. 

 My Verdict: Whether you live in New York, enjoy visiting, or have never been there and want to see the sights in coloring book form, this is a great book to pick up! Glad I decided to finally color it in. When I felt like there was no time in the world, it felt great to relax and color before bedtime. I will continue to take some time out to listen to my Bon Iver music while enjoying feeling like I’m a kid again. Yeah, I’ll be coloring my heart out. Very Zen!