How I Found Inspiration at Create & Cultivate DTLA

About a week ago #TBT, I had an amazing opportunity to attend Create & Cultivate in LA with my friend, fellow Dallas blogger and colleague, @apearlkindofgirl. Create & Cultivate is a creative conference and online platform gear more towards female entrepreneurs in the digital space. I am so glad I got to attend this year's C&C conference in LA, from the creative environment that was very picture worthy, pop up shops, rooftop & beauty lounge, the awesome overpacked swag bag, the amazing guest speakers, and the once in a lifetime keynote speakers like Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe and Chelsea Handler – this was a great space to find inspiration and network with other fellow entrepreneurs that have the same like mindset to succeed and support each other craft. #womanforwoman #womancandoitall

I got to hear and enjoy success stories from people that you only see on social media like: On Joy! DesignLoveFest, SF Girl By Bay, Pressed Juicery, The Iconery, Alfred Coffee, Soul Cycle, M Loves M, Clare Viver, Hello Fashion Blog, The Glitter Guide and so much more. I attend the Track 2 which has topics like: Design and Brand, She Means Business - The Balancing Act of Mother and Mogul, Start Up 101, and Fresh Faced: An Unfiltered Look at the Business of Beauty. 

One of my highlights from the event was meeting this chica - Promise Tangerman, CEO of GOLIVEHQ once at Circle Conference, but this time at Create & Cultivate DTLA where I got to have more of a small group session with her. She was my #1 pick as my mentor. She went from a designer to CEO of her own web design business and has worked with big companies like We Wore What, Girl Boss, and even Create & Cultivate website. I love her sense in style and her hair is awesome! She's so down to earth and humble. Here are some quotes from her:

"Work on the business, not in the business." - Promise Tangerman
"Work on your expertise, passion and hobby..." - Promise Tangerman
'Build upon the layers of your idea. 'Smaller Focus'." - Promise Tangerman

Here are a few quotes from this past weekend: 

“If you don’t have a passion for it, don’t do it. You will end up spreading yourself too thin.” –Chriselle Lim
“Snapchat and real time content is the future of social media.” –Evelina Cartasova
“Have real friendships with other women instead of focusing on comparing yourselves.” –Sarah Gibson Tuttle
“If it’s inside you, you should do it. Work hard. Oprah was not built in a day.” –Sarah Gibson Tuttle

“One thing I undervalued in starting a company was the importance of trusting your gut, they don’t teach you that in business school.” - Jessica Alba

“I don’t identify a problem and bone out, I identify a problem and get in the nitty gritty… I am very involved in all aspects of the company from IT, UX to creative and marketing.” - Jessica Alba

“Being an actress is like being rejected by the hottest guy in school everyday.” - Jessica Alba

“Mentor those people in your life and open those doors to help them along the way… It’s absolutely important for women to support each other.” -Jessica Alba

“I want to help motivate women at a very young age, to help them accomplish anything.” -Rachel Zoe

“It is all about being honest, kind, and forthcoming, both internally and externally.” -Rachel Zoe

“I don’t think you can be good at something if you don’t just love it. You need both patience and passion to succeed.” -Rachel Zoe

Here are a few more snap shots of the weekend. Enjoy! - xo Mel