Stay Chic with this DIY St. Patrick's Day Nails

Looking for a fun way to sport a little (I mean really little) green this St. Patty's Day? No, worries I got you covered in one of the biggest nail trends in 2016 – negative space. This minimal, simple look is a great way to stay chic and not be too cheesy to rock for more than 24 hours. Follow these easy steps and sport this look after you've hit your threshold for Guinness. Read on more to learn to Do-It-Yourself!  


After shaping and buffering your nails to your liking, found some tape around the house and cut two small pieces to use as your triangle guides. 


Place and stick into a triangle shape onto your nail. Make sure you are getting a clean straight edge on both sides to create that minimal triangle shape. 


Paint the triangle a green color to your liking. I choose a darker green so that it can last and go with other outfits and not be too loud. Note: Let it dry a little before pulling off the tape to achieve that clean, straight line. Repeat on all your nails and top with a clear coat. And your done!

Best of luck and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! -xo Mel