'Formation' Phone Wallpapers

As if Beyoncé can't get any clever, she goes and drops her latest single 'Formation' video the day before the Super Bowl and the internet explodes. It's full of implicit and explicit commentary on subjects like being black in America, Hurricane Katrina and Black Lives Matter - Rolling Stones. Beyoncé is killing the game and using her talent as a standing platform and I love it. She says what she feels ... SLAY! Download these FREE phone wallpapers of some of her lyrics below and represent. Enjoy! -xo Mel

I got hot sauce in my bag, SWAG. Download here.

I grind 'till I own it. Download here. 

I slay, okay. Download here

And just in case you haven't caught the song that stirred the internet this past weekend, check out the video below. Happy Monday! -xo Mel