Buda Juice - To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse?

To cleanse or not to cleanse - that is the question. Especially to someone like me who has never been into fads, or simply because it's the "in thing" to do at the moment. As my daughter and I was shopping and eating in our new favorite area -West Village in Dallas, I passed this small store called Buda Juice across the street from GAP that caught my eye. It's a pretty small and tiny store, but straight forward to what they sell, which is Raw Organic Juice. Now I never been one to hop on any band wagon diets, but I know it can do nothing but help benefit the body to add some daily fruit & veggies and probably makes it easier to take it through drinking.

As I walked through the open doors, I was greeted with someone who help explained some of the benefit of their juices vs. other juices and and simply ask do I like things sweet or not sweet. Some of the benefits of Buda Juice are:

Hand-squeezing juices in a cold-press ensures the purity of the nutrients stays intact, as heat and air destroy valuable enzymes, vitamins and minerals. 100% RAW, 100% Organic, all in a custom glass bottles.  

The first 2 samples he gave me, I pretty much was sold. They were my perfect sweet drinks, while mixed with some of my favorite and not so favorites fruits and veggies. I also tasted the non-sweet one called Green Juice, but didn't like the bitter after taste. So I decided to purchase only 2 small bottles (the prices are kinda high) and will try to do a cleanse for one day. Yes I said one day, because knowing me that's probably all that I can handle. I do want to detox my body, but I need food in my life, so I will be starting out slow. I know most people do a 3-day cleanse or more, but who knows maybe one day I will get there, but sometimes a bag of Doritos calls my name after a long week. Just keeping it real.

So wish me luck and come back to visit the blog as I will write a recap to my one day cleanse. I mean what better way to start the week than to detox right? Happy Monday! - xo Mel