Rose Gold iPhone 6s Review

It has only been a couple days since I had officially upgraded to the new iPhone 6s and I must say that I am already falling in love. Before this I had own the 5s for two years and it was finally time for my upgrade and I couldn't be happier. Not only the color is cool, Rose Gold (which is true to that color, not PINK), but the newly upgrades can change how we future browse the internet from a mobile device.


Once I finally got it out the package it was such an easy set up with my iCloud. All my apps and storage appear almost within 5 mins of setting up. The fingerprint read is so much quicker, as well as launching apps. A recent speed test has indicates that the iPhone 6s might be just as fast as the new Apple Macbook.


I'm in love with the color! Some might say it looks pink, but to me it looks like the color Rose Gold, a pinkish-copper color tone. Here is a side by side of the other colors, so you can see what's not to love to about the new & fun color addition to the iPhone family. 


Apple's new pressure-sensitive "3D touch" screen is such a powerful tool in cutting back time when browsing, pulling up apps, and games. It essentially is used to cut time, and is pretty much a shortcut like below are some screenshots when pulling up Instagram or taking a photo on the phone. Its still early in the game with this new feature, but it feels powerful, satisfying and futuristic. I'm still trying to get use to this way of browsing, but I can see this will help influence  technology design in the near future.


For me having a 12 mega-pixel camera is a huge asset for me and blogging. I notice the difference in my photos now than I did with my 5s and going from 8 megapixels to the 12 megapixels is a big jump. See below of my wonderful mac and cheese from my lunch the other day. No filters or adjustments has been made on this image and I think the quality is amazing. Makes me want all those calories again! And it's just a bonus that to have a 5 megapixels frontal camera as well for all those wonderful selfies. 


What a great bonus to have with the new phone. Apple lets you record a short video while your framing your still shot. I haven't mess with this yet, but I love the fish screensaver on the new phone so I can't wait to start playing around with this new feature.

A cute see through iPhone Polka Dot Case find from Target. Photo Credit @apearlkindofgirl

A cute see through iPhone Polka Dot Case find from Target. Photo Credit @apearlkindofgirl

All in all I love my new iPhone 6s. What's not to love about the new features, the color and my gold polka dot case. The new Aluminum '7000 series' upgrade makes the new iPhone 60% stronger, so it's not as bendable as the iPhone 6. This shall last me until the next upgrade. Do you guys have the new iPhone 6s? Let me know what you think. -xo Mel