#TBT Trip to NYC

What a great past weekend spending time with friends and family in New York – the city I was born and raise in. Its been 2 years since my last visit and theres always new places to discover. Some of my weekend highlights was visiting the 8 floor Whitney Museum in Chelsea park followed by walking the entire new "High Line" which was such a great relaxing walkway seeing and feeling NY through the whole 7 mile walkway. Riding the subway system, dancing salsa in the streets, visiting the basketball parks in Jackson Heights, Queens. Spending time over family's house, eating and relaxing watching the soccer game. Got to see the amazing Macy's 4th of July fireworks over the east river in Long Island City on the Pier that overlooks the city. Visiting Brooklyn, seeing how they are building that side up and where designers are hanging out was a great area. Got culture and food even empanadas at 3 am that taste oh so good, you can't do that anywhere except NY. Here are some snapshots I took during my visit.  

Below are some images from the Whitney Museum in Chelsea Park: