Ant Man – Small Superhero, Does BIG at the Box Office

Who says that superheros always have to be tall and ripped? This past weekend, Marvel released Ant Man – a small superhero who leads an army of ants, yes ants to help save the world against the villain Yellow Jacket. And yet this funny tale comic story lead the box office bring in $58 million on its opening weekend with nothing but great reviews. I was very skeptical on this movie, a super hero called Ant Man taking on the world um yeah, doesn't compare to my Captain America or the Avengers, and yet Peyton Reed, director of this movie did pretty well with Ant Man story line and help tie in how the Ant Man will eventually become part of the Avengers. Some say its better than Avengers 2, but I wouldn't take it that far, nonetheless it changed my mind to liking Ant Man.  

Paul Rudd did a great job taking on the role as Ant Man from his comic reliefs all the way through his fight skills. There are a few surprise guests in this movie that I didnt know was in it and all did a good job. My favorite one was actor Michael Pena, taking on the supporting role of Ant Man friend – who is one of the biggest comic reliefs in this film. He had everyone in the theatre laughing. 

From the suit, action, characters and the role of the ants you can't help but like Ant Man. Kinda gain a little respect for him. I give this movie a B. Hope you find it as entertaining as I do. -xo Mel