4 Reasons Why Jurassic World is Dyno-Mite

R A W R! The dinosaurs made it's way back in to the big screens after the 1993 release of Jurassic Park and the ones after that that everyone loved. Jurassic World stunned the box office bringing in $511.8 million in it's opening weekend. Half a billion dollars. Insane! Here are 4 reason's in my opinion why this movie is a hit.


1. Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs.

Who doesn't love seeing dinosaurs. And all sorts of dinosaurs. Just like back in 1993, everyone is fascinated to see how could dinosaurs and humans actually survive together. You see all your favorite in this movie and the graphics make it so believable as it they are alive. You see the good dinosaurs, the bad dinosaurs, the science lab type of dinosaurs and ones you want to take home. Of course, in this movie, they do eat humans, but all in all it was great to see them stomping their way on the big screen.

2. Chris Pratt. Period.

After the movie, Guardian of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt proved he was one to watch. Making his debut in this movie, he is one of the main stars and the savior of the day. He's pretty bad ass in this film. From the confrontations with the dinosaurs, to rescuing the nephews of his girlfriend to training Raptors like his pet, he is an all-star in this movie. 

"He's the modern day action hero, : said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Rentrak. "He's funny, he's charming, he's self-deprecating. I call him Jimmy Stewart in a leather vest. He just the perfect sensibility for today's audiences."

3. The Raptors

Four of them to be exact. Brothers & Sisters. They become a key part of the movie and actually is trained by Chris Pratt, in which they view him as their Alpha. They help hunt down the "Crazy" Dinosaur and the bond they had with Chris Pratt was vivid even the main one, which is called "Blue". You can tell she was keen in protecting her Alpha. Even though they are natural born hunters and hunt in packs, the director gave them personalities in which you can't help but to like these man-eating dinosaurs. But I wouldn't get too close. 


4. The fight At the End

The doctor that came up with this "Crazy" Dinosaur by mixing up several DNA's from chameleons, to frogs, lizards to almost everything, this made up Dinosaur was unstoppable. I won't give up the ending to those who haven't seen it yet. But it was amazing! The non-stop action and fight scene made for a perfect end. 

All in all, from #myeverydaylifestyle perspective I give the movie a A. It is a fun ride, the park was designed nice, dinosaurs rule, good characters for each role and this movie will have you question what will happen next. It's a must see. -xo Mel