Spring Forward into the Future: Apple Watch

Today is the day. We are finally "Springing Forward" more into what future technology is evolving to. The day Apple won't look the same after the new Apple Watch Keynote's big reveal. This "game changer" as some are quoting, is about to launch and there is no turning back on how we will be using our watches from here on out. It will reshape the mobile landscape by alternating how consumers use their iPhone. 

Keynote Highlights: 

Apple is entering into the luxury brand world. Offering a higher end design and price point. It will be interesting to see their take on luxury and how much people will have to break their piggy banks just to get for the watch.

They will explain more in depth about what all the Apple Watch has to offer. Not only can it download emails, handle calls and text, it will alert users their latest headlines, and have a heart monitor. Siri and Apple pay is available with this device and there is even plans that you can use this watch as hotel keys or unlock car doors. 

Apple will reveal it's price points for both the sport and luxury watch designs. Not sure if they price point will be worth it, we shall see after today's keynote. Seems it might be a hefty price for something that will upgrade every year. 

The Apple Watch is a big deal for Apple. Not only does the device represent a new product category, but its success will depend on the behavioral change related to the iPhone usage. Entering into the world of both fashion and design, this is sure one product that will be on everyones "must haves" list. Apple will never look the same after today.

Are you ready? Stay tune for the keynote today. -xo Mel