Disney Frozen On Ice Review

I guess with the whole Frozen Phenom takeover I shouldn't have anticipate less than a huge turnout to 'Disney's Frozen On Ice', which is here in Dallas now until the March 29th. Going to the show opener this past Wednesday night, I couldn't imagine how many little girls were dressed in their Elsa dresses, as I was pulling up on Victory Lane near American Airlines Center. The parking lots were packed as well as the line to get in was wrapped around the building. All the little girls and boys were so excited. I know my little girl was super excited and couldn't wait to see the show. It's just a given that since ice skating is on ice, Frozen On Ice would be a phenomenal show, hence the word 'Frozen'. As you walk in you see nothing, but a whole bunch of vendors selling toys & dolls, light up wands, cotton candy popcorn, snow cones, and of course they were all overpriced.

The beginning of the show was brought to you by Mickey and Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck, along the side with Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Lion King, Nemo and a few other favorite Disney friends. After they did their little skit to get the crowd hyped - you're taking into the world of Frozen, pretty much mimicking the movie, with young Elsa & Anna singing, "Do you want to build a snowman?". Going through the whole movie scenes, from meeting the evil Prince to the Olaf's fun summer song – the crowd just went crazy. When it got to Elsa singing her hit song, Let It Go, everybody in the whole entire audience, thousands of kids, moms & dads were all singing in sync. Me and my daughter included. This one little girl next to me knew the whole skit and was so serious especially at the end when she said that the cold doesn't bother me anyway (with a serious face and all).

I give it up Disney does put a great production from the lighting to the actual snow falling from the ceiling, the singing,the ice skating skills that they bring all together to create this one magical show for little kids was completely amazing. I quite enjoy the show with my daughter. We are huge Disney fans and this show didn't disappoint. 

Me and my baby girl "Letting it Go"

Me and my baby girl "Letting it Go"

Here are a few snapshots from the night. Enjoy! 

Memories of me and my baby girl. She was so happy for the show.