FREE 'Never Forget' Wallpapers

After 13 years nobody can ever forget what happened on 9/11. Me being a New Yorker, it still holds dear to my heart what New York had to go through. I remember the exact moment of me waking up in my dorm room at TCU, turning on the TV and it being all over the live news. At first I thought a movie was on and I kept flipping the channels, but the horrific images of the burning buildings was everywhere you couldn't escape seeing it. I remember hoping out of bed trying to call my family in NY, but the line was busy and the sense of panic that went through my body. It was like everything went in slow motion because you just couldn't move from what you was seeing on the news. Just so sad that so many people lost their lives for a selfish act. I will never forget. 

Download these FREE 'Never Forget' wallpapers that i designed in remembrance of the many lives that was lost and all the service men/women that helped and risked their lives as well that day .

Download FREE Wallpaper HERE.

Download FREE iPhone Wallpaper HERE. For Android size - email me and I will create your specific size. 

Simply beautiful. Photo credit source can be found here.