On the Run Tour J+B 2014

I had gotten to experience one of the best concert tours of the summer - On the Run Tour with Beyoncé and Jay Z this past Tuesday at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. From start to finish it was a well put together show, Jay Z bringing me back to New York with some of his oldies and Beyoncé doing what she does best, putting on a FLAWLESS performance. I think we stood up singing & dancing for majority of the show. The massive people who traveled out of town and the stadium pack seats you can't tell me that these two aren't on top of their game. What an amazing feeling to be able to perform with your better half like that. The short film that help carry us through their performances had great art direction. But what I think that stole the show was the ending where they both were singing "Forever Young" song and allowed the audience to view some of their home videos showing their real life, the love between them and the life stages of their daughter Blue Ivy. I don't really think anyone eyes at that moment was even on them, just on the screen like we were watching a movie. Ending with the words, "This is Real Life". 

Here is just a few moments I captured.