Say It With Words - DIY Chalk Sign

Mother's Day is approaching and sometimes all she wants to hear is how much she means to you. Moms are priceless. I know I mean the world to my daughter and she always expresses how much she loves me.

What better way to express love than to surprise her on the morning with an easy DIY chalk sign with a special handwritten message just from you. Add her favorite cup of coffee or some flowers and you will sure melt her heart.

What you need: Chalkboard Sign | Chalkboard Marker | Décor Flowers ($1) 

All supplies found at Michaels®

Leave it on her desk, in the kitchen, or hanging on her door the morning of Mother's Day. Use hastag #myeverydaylifestyle and show what message you wrote to your Mother figure in your life. Nothing is greater than a mother's love. -xo MEL