DIY Heart Garland


I have been meaning to add some décor to my fireplace for Valentine's Day and what is more perfect than a heart garland made with a few supplies and 10 minutes to spare. 

What you need: Colors papers of choice | Scissors | Heart puncher | Baker's Twine or ribbon | Glue Gun 


First measure how long you want your garland to be and cut off the size you need from the roll of Baker's Twine. Punch out as many hearts you are wanting to use with your heart puncher. Turn to the back side of the heart and add a little hot glue and grab another heart and place onto of the glue side of the other heart to create a sandwich effect. Repeat the process and alternate the colors. And that's it! So simple and so cute!


Love how this little touch adds personality to my fireplace just in time for Valentine's Day.