Love Your Pet Day


Today is National Love Your Pet Day. I had to share some fun facts of our little monster Lucky. Got him from our local animal shelter a few years back when he was only five and a half months old and he has won our hearts ever since. He's can be crazy sometimes; steals from the trash, throw his nasty ball on your food plate and has been to doggy jail, but he's does has a sweet side and knows the right moments you need to feel loved by showing you nothing but unconditional love.


I  got to volunteer with my job to help a local animal shelter dress up some furry friends so that they can get adopted. Check out our warming video. 


My minnie me came with me and of course she wanted to take all the dogs home. She has a warm spot for animals. 


Creating some doggie bandanas.

Photo Credit: Julian Gallegos

Photo Credit: Julian Gallegos


If you can't adopt, help your local animal shelter by donating money or pet supplies. I'm sure they would greatly appreciated. A small deed goes a long way. 

Do you have a furry friend that helps add joy into your life and loves you no what like our little Lucky? If so, share your story. Happy Love Your Pet Day!