Happy 11th Birthday Baby Girl

Just want to wish my baby girl a Happy Birthday who turns 11 today! Words can't describe how much she means to me in my life. With her unconditional love, she's so special to my heart and I strive & work hard everyday to make her life better. She has done nothing, but change my life for the better ever since she was born – from me being lost back in the days to having a meaning in my life. And the way she just looks at me like I am the most important person in her world ... THE BEST FEELING. I am beyond blessed to be a mommy to her. 

My baby girl is taking over the blog today with her OOTD: pink sweater + polka dot pants + boots from H&M.

Here just a list of some of her favorite things at age 11.

Color: Purple | Movie: Monster High | TV Show: Amazing World of Gumball | Character: Monster High Girls | Food: Chinese | Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls | Snack: Honey Buns | Candy: M&Ms | Store: Barnes & Noble | Ice Cream: Chocolate & Ice Cream Sandwiches | Song: Flawless | Holiday: Christmas | Season: Winter | Superhero: Kitty from X-Men | Clothes: Skirts Everyday | Pastime: Reading Books & Comics


Happy Birthday. Mommy loves you. -xo Mommy

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