Creativity is Subtraction

I saw this quote by Austin Kleon from his book Newspaper Blackout and it made some sense to me since I kinda live my life like this. What does it even mean? 

Two things: One, getting really good at creative work require is a lot of time and attention and that means cutting a lot of fluff out of your life, so that you have that extra energy and attention. And two, creativity in our work is often a matter of what we choose to leave out, rather than leave in–what is unspoken vs. spoken, what isn't shown vs. what is, etc... -Austin Kleon

A lot of people ask why I'm always working? Why do I spend so much time on the computer/phone? Well, my "creative" brain is always spinning. I am always wanting to learn new things, see what is trending, push my creativity and see what I can achieve next. I understand creativity is subtraction and I just want to thank the people that stood by me and supported me & my creativity. 

Never stop creating. Have a great week! -xo Mel