Halfway There – TEAtox 2 Detox

Finally reached one full week on my tiny tea and as promised I am writing an update on some of the effects I see. A huge one is that I snack less during the day. As much of a candy snob that I am especially with sweettarts, starburst, skittles, and etc. I haven't really craved for it. Also, I haven't needed my occasional Red Bull and Starbucks that usually gets me through the day. The only negative is that it hasn't taken my bloating away yet. Maybe just a little bit, but not by much. So hopefully this upcoming week I will see more results on that aspect. All in all, drinking tiny tea three times a day is pretty easy regimen to follow and I like the fact that it lessens my sudden urges to snack during the day. I got used to the taste of tea too, that I stopped using honey to sweeten it anymore. As of right now - I am liking the tiny tea.