Have Yourself Some Merry Little Ninjas

I have always been fastinated with the Ninja Turtles growing up and until now these vintage characters are still going strong. So when a friend sent me an image of DIY ornaments of them, I had to re-create them myself. This is a super simple DIY and was so excited on how they turned out.

What you need: Plain green ornaments | All colors of the turtles ribbon spools + pack of goggly eyes + Glue dots (supplies from Michaels)


Begin by cutting the ribbon, making sure it's long enough so you can make a tie at the back of ornament to make it look like their mask. Next, take some glue dots, place it in the back of the goggly eyes and position the eyes on ribbon to make their little faces and you are DONE! Continue these easy steps with the rest of the ninja turtles and you got some awesome décor or an one-of-a-kind DIY gift. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Julian Gallegos

Photo Credit: Julian Gallegos